REVIEW: NW3C - DF100: Basic Digital Forensic Analysis

"You had my curiosity, but now you have my attention." - Calvin J. Candie

My first real taste of Digital Forensics training came from the National White Collar Crime Center (NW3C).  I had taken a few online self-paced courses, but this was my first "live" training.  Personally, I would say that this course is EXACTLY what a new examiner/investigator needs to get their feet wet and not feel like they are drinking from the fire hydrant.  

If you had asked me what the one thing I took away from this course was, it would be that the world of Digital Forensics is most definitely a dynamic field.  There's nothing static about it.  In this course you quickly learn that you will NEVER have the same results from case to case.  Did I already know this?  Kinda... but this class solidified that notion within me.

It's your first day... you're called out to assist in an investigation.  If you were to acquire evidence, what would you look for and where?  Exactly.  You wouldn't know to look for passwords hidden between pages of the defendants favorite novel.  You wouldn't know how to properly shut down a running computer that may or may not be encrypted.

What's that you say?  That Voltron mini-lion action figure is actually a USB Flash Drive? 
No. Fucking. Way.

I won't give away all of NW3C's secrets of this dope class, but I highly recommend it for the office plebs.  It will make the adjustment to the world of Digital Forensics much easier.

CPE: 8 Hours
Course Cost: FREE

I'll catch ya on the flipside.