My Long Shot: 2021 Forensic 4:cast Awards


"Who are you again?" - Bob Saget

I decided early on that I wanted to contribute as much as I could to the forensic community.  Of course being able to contribute means that somewhere, someone has to actually read my blog, and with all of my 10 Twitter followers (you guys are the unsung heroes of my heart), I greatly feel that the information I am presenting is either irrelevant, not interesting, or I just don't know enough to cater to the forensic community at this time.

Seeing that nominations for the Forensic 4:cast Awards are open, I wanted to ask for support from the forensic community.  If you feel that I am deserving of DFIR Newcomer of the Year, I would greatly appreciate your nomination.  If you feel that there are areas that I need to grow in, please let me know.  

We all seek validation in some form.  I view this as an opportunity to gauge where I stand in this growing endeavor of mine.  I have been working on new material, but as a lot of it comes from open cases, I am working on how properly write it up.  I am sure many of you understand that issue.  

I realize that I am most likely not deserving on DFIR Newcomer of the Year, and that by essentially begging for nominations that I am in fact a literal piece of shit, but here I am, asking you not to consider me for this honor.  There are tons of deserving folks in all categories of awards, but I will leave it to you to cast your nominations.  Below are links to the Forensic 4:cast website as well as the google form for nominations.

Forensic 4:cast Website:
Nomination Form: